Opening & Closing

The importance of properly winterizing and preparing your pool for a harsh winter climate cannot be overstated. Let us take the stress out of closing and prepare it for summer fun with our opening & closing services.


Opening and closing services for pools of all sorts

Owning a pool or spa in the Atlanta area means uncertainty every winter. If you’re not following precautions when opening your pool for the summer, or closing it up again in the fall, you could risk costly damage to your pool or spa.

The SwimTech team are experts at pool openings and closings, regardless of the size or shape of your pool.

Do you have a Pool Safety Cover? Let us help you properly cover, uncover, or store your pool cover. And if you are in need of a custom safety cover, we’re happy to do a detailed measurement of your pool and provide you with many options with a variety of features that will fit your budget.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions about our pool opening and closing services, or any other services we provide.